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Where Is The Market For Forklift Accessories In China?
Nov 14, 2018

At present, the operation mode of forklift parts in China is a fixed chain cooperation mode formed among manufacturers, distributors and maintenance factories. Each distributor has fixed maintenance plant resources and sells the fittings directly to the maintenance plant. Users need to change parts or repair parts mostly through the maintenance plant, and seldom can buy parts in the hands of distributors. With the passage of time, the drawbacks of this practice are gradually emerging.

It is difficult for users to understand the real price of spare parts, which leads to chaos and opacity of maintenance price, and price deception such as unreasonable price increase and unreasonable charge. In addition, the use of counterfeit and inferior forklift truck parts by individual maintenance factories has led to an increasing number of complaints about quality disputes. Charging arbitrarily and the proliferation of counterfeit and inferior accessories have become a major problem that troubles the normal operation of the forklift maintenance market, seriously restricting the normal development of the forklift rear market!

At present, there is fierce competition in low-end matching market, duplicate investment, slow progress in high-end matching, and it is difficult to upgrade technology. At present, the key point of spare parts enterprises is how to realize the technological upgrading and strategic transformation of enterprises, so as to enhance the profitability of the matching parts industry, at the same time, speed up the technological upgrading of the main engine products and achieve the international conformity as soon as possible. For example, the development potential of the matching parts industry will be tremendous if the domestic mainframe matching parts achieve the international conformity. Opportunity.

China's forklift rear market has a huge development space. Compared with foreign markets, there is still a big gap. Therefore, in the fast-growing forklift rear market industry, enterprises should constantly improve management, production, sales, maintenance and other aspects, expand market influence, and gradually form a product quality is too hard, price returns to positive. To provide value-added services, establish corresponding big data, and improve the whole accessories market. Let domestic forklift accessories market get healthy and stable development.