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What Are The Hazards Of Poor Forklift Accessories?
Nov 21, 2018

It is impossible to provide high quality service without profit service. Any low price service can only get poor quality accessories.

Harm 1, fake oil: look fake oil and genuine differences are not great, but the fake oil will cause the forklift engine early oil burning phenomenon, why? Because of poor oil fundamental of piston ring and cylinder liner, the size of tile, crankshaft, connecting rod copper sleeve and valve lubrication, it will accelerate the wear of the engine.

Harm 2, fake oil filter: one from the outside, are the same product, in fact the cost mainly in the interior of the filter and filter structure, oil filter can fake a poor selection of filter paper, filter impurities do not effect.

Harm 3, inferior diesel oil filter and oil filter: impurities, shoddy filter paper to filter the diesel fuel injection system, resulting in failure prone; such as blocking effect of injector nozzle caused by poor atomization, take the white or black smoke, the effect of fuel pump valve precision, accelerate pump wear, resulting in fuel injection Under pressure.