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The Gear And Shaft Of The PEP-II Pump Are Integrated
Sep 06, 2018

The gears and shafts of the PEP-II pump are integrated into one and the whole body is hardened for a longer working life. The “D” bearing incorporates a forced lubrication mechanism that passes the polymer through the bearing surface and back to the inlet side of the pump to ensure effective lubrication of the rotating shaft. This property reduces the likelihood of polymer retention and degradation. The precision-machined pump body allows the “D” bearing to precisely match the gear shaft, ensuring that the gear shaft is not eccentric to prevent gear wear. The Parkool seal structure and the PTFE lip seal together form a water-cooled seal. This seal does not actually touch the surface of the shaft. Its sealing principle is to cool the polymer to a semi-molten state to form a self-sealing. It is also possible to use a Rheoset seal which is machined with a reverse spiral groove on the inner surface of the shaft seal to allow the polymer to be back pressured back to the inlet. To facilitate installation, the manufacturer has designed a ring bolt mounting surface to match the flange mounting of other equipment, which makes the barrel flange easier to manufacture.

The PEP-II gear pump has a heating element that matches the pump's specifications and is available as an option, which ensures fast heating and thermal control. Unlike the heating in the pump body, damage to these components is limited to one plate and is independent of the entire pump.