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Precautions For The Use Of Multi-way Valves
Sep 06, 2018

1. Please check whether the nominal pressure, nominal flow and spool function of the multi-way valve meet the requirements of the hydraulic system before use.

2. Do not hit or damage the exposed part of the slide valve during handling, installation and storage.

3. The mounting plate and bracket should be flat, the tightening force of the mounting screws should be uniform, and the valve body of the multi-way valve should not be twisted.

4. When installing the valve outside the operating mechanism, the slide valve should be flexible and free from sticking.

5. When installing multi-way valves on machinery with severe vibration, vibration reduction measures should be taken.

6. If welding is in close proximity to the multi-way valve, the welding slag should be prevented from splashing and the O-ring, dust ring and slide valve exposed parts should be destroyed.

7. The working oil should be clean, and the oil filtration accuracy requirement is not more than 10μm. The highest pollution level of oil: according to 19/16 of GB/T14039, the viscosity range of oil is 10~400mm2/s, and the temperature range is controlled at -20~80°C.

8. Correctly install the inlet and return ports. It is forbidden to enter the high pressure oil in the oil return port to avoid damage to the multi-way valve body. The system piping should not be too slender to avoid increasing the pressure loss and causing the system to heat up.