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Multi-way Valve As A Whole With A Unified Modular Design
Sep 06, 2018

The multi-way valve has a unified modular design that provides a reliable system solution for the builder of the construction vehicle. It is simple and reliable for the user to make different combinations of the valve body according to the functional requirements. It can be a simple load-sensitive manual multi-way valve, or an electronically controlled proportional control valve with unsaturation function independent of the load and pump flow. Ligong, a senior consultant of Hydraulic Yingcai Network, believes that China is currently doing multi-way valve hydraulics. Most of the engineers are based on application design, and the system design and development of the valve itself needs to be improved.

Usually, the working valve plates are arranged in groups, and the inlet valve block has a built-in three-way pressure compensation bypass relief valve (logic element. When the multi-way valve stops operating and the valves are in the neutral position, the valve compensates the pressure (6). -·12BAR) bypass main oil flow. When a valve is working, the valve reduces the bypass port under load pressure and provides the required flow according to the load pressure.

Load sensing shuttle valve:

The load-sensing shuttle valve transmits the load pressure of each working valve to the pressure-compensated bypass relief valve of the inlet valve block.

Two-way pressure compensation differential pressure reducing valve: When multiple working piece valves work at the same time, the load pressure is transmitted to the spring side of the valve. At this time, the pressure difference across the throttle port is automatically adjusted by the negative feedback action of the valve core to keep it substantially unchanged. The flow rate of each valve is kept constant under its action and is not affected by load changes. Mechanical design, machining, design software, mechanical engineers, equipment management, welding, hydraulics, casting, sealing, measuring, engineering machinery, powder metallurgy, bearings, gears, pump valves, industrial automation

Safety relief valve:

Usually used for working body limit protection, such as variable amplitude cylinders

Electromagnetic spill valve:

For over-limit protection of working mechanisms, such as: torque limit of cranes, three-turn protection, etc.

Proportional pressure reducing valve:

Located on the opposite side of the working valve hand lever, it is a direct-acting proportional pressure reducing valve, and the sliding valve is driven to achieve proportional commutation. Note: The proportional commutation of the direct-acting proportional pressure reducing valve is relative to the manual proportional commutation, and the micro-motion performance. Not good, if it is used for applications with high flow control accuracy, the working valve plate with proportional servo drive configuration should be used. REXROTH, BUCHER, DELTA POWER, SAUER-DANFOSS have servo-driven proportional multi-way valves.

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