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Maintenance Knowledge About The Steering Booster Pump
Sep 06, 2018

Users should be cautious when choosing hydraulic oil. Don't look at this small hydraulic oil. He plays a very important role in the steering machine and booster pump, because the internal components inside the steering wheel and booster pump are very precise and need Qualified hydraulic oil for lubrication to work properly. If you use inferior oil (such as No. 8 hydraulic oil on the market, that is, reclaimed oil, mixed oil), the internal parts of the movement will be iron-iron, you think about your direction. How can the machine and the booster pump last for a long time, we often come across the customer and say that no matter which purchase of the booster pump, it often feels that it will not take long for the steering machine to be heavy or the pump to be damaged. In fact, you don’t know why, because the booster pump The internal fittings are more detailed than the inside of the steering wheel. There is a big cut with the needle eye. Some impurities will block it, and your steering machine will immediately appear to be unable to move, or not return oil. The series of problems came out, and even worse, the steering gear was broken. To put it bluntly, there is a lack of maintenance knowledge, how to maintain it, here I tell you, if you change the new direction machine or new power pump, you must first clean the oil pipe, steering machine, power pump, oil pot to change the oil pot filter They must be cleaned up. (Director, booster pump, tubing, oil from the oil pot is clear or clean) can be equipped with a new steering wheel or assistant pump. In fact, this is also very important. After there is cleaning up, it is necessary to fill the oil with this oil. It is necessary to install qualified hydraulic oil. If you don’t want to save more than 10 yuan, you will always change expensive large parts, but it is not worthwhile. You said right. In addition, if you change the new product after driving 3000KM, change the hydraulic oil every 25000KM to clean the grease in time to use it longer.