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Inspection And Adjustment Method For Mating Clearance Of Forklift Accessories
Oct 31, 2018

1. Adjustment of fitting clearance of forklift truck is to restore the installation position and coordination relationship of the parts of forklift truck to the best working state and make them close to the performance of the new truck. It is one of the main tasks in the maintenance of forklift trucks, and is also an important part of the inspection of technical conditions. Adjustment is to restore the normal fit clearance and normal working performance between the parts, reduce the wear and tear of the parts of forklift truck, and improve the economy and reliability of the whole forklift truck parts. With the prolongation of the service time of each part of the forklift truck and the increase of the driving mileage, the clearance between the various assemblies and components changes, so as to exceed the prescribed technical requirements, which directly affects the power performance, economy and reliability of the forklift truck. Therefore, the adjustment work is to restore the good technical performance of the forklift truck and normal fit clearance of the heavy work, according to technical requirements and actual conditions, must be carefully carried out, not too loose, too tight or gap too large, too small.

2. Common forklift engine power decline, poor economy, in addition to the cause of cylinder wear, mostly due to ignition system, fuel system or valve system mechanism parts of the gap caused by the abnormal fit. For example, in the use of forklift trucks, forklift engine ignition advance angle must be adjusted properly, otherwise the power and economy of the forklift engine have a certain impact. Spark plug clearance is related to whether the spark can reliably ignite the mixture and ensure the continuous normal operation of the forklift engine, so it is very important to adjust the parts of the forklift truck.

3. During the use of forklift trucks, the working condition of various instruments should be inspected regularly; the function of the brake device of forklift trucks should be inspected; the fuel system, lubrication system, braking system, cooling system and chassis should be inspected; whether there is oil leakage, water leakage and air leakage in the axle housing; the engine and transmission of forklift trucks should be inspected. Whether the system has abnormal sound and odor; Check whether the brake drum is overheated; Check the forklift wheel tyre nut tightening and tire pressure; Check the steering mechanism of each component connection; and adjust the forklift truck components according to the requirements of various maintenance work items. Regular inspection and adjustment can keep the forklift truck parts running at the highest efficiency for a long time, effectively reduce the hidden trouble of forklift truck, reduce running fuel consumption, and extend its service life, especially the performance will be significantly improved. Adjusting the assembly clearance of forklift accessories is an indispensable routine maintenance work. In the general maintenance of forklift trucks, if some parts are found to be worn out, the adjustment method is often used to restore the coordination relationship between the pairs, so as to achieve or basically achieve the original technical specifications of forklift trucks. During operation, it is not necessary to repair and process worn parts, or to do simple trimming. The adjustment process is simple, the cost is low, and the effect is quick.