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Dismantling And Installation Method Of Shaft Bracket Of Heli Forklift Accessories
Oct 19, 2018

The disassembly and installation methods of the axle bracket of the spare parts of the resultant forklift truck are similar to those of other forklift trucks.

1, when measuring bearing preload, we should completely release the brake. After adjusting the bearing preload, rotate the hub 2 or 3 circles to make sure that the hub bearing has no clearance.

2. The drive shaft bracket can be installed or disassembled with or without the attached differential gear box (final drive assembly). It is important to note that the installation and disassembly procedures of the final drive components can be referred to chapter DF. The brake system component disassembly procedure is referred to chapter BR.

3. Check, clean all the disassembled parts of the forklift truck in the detergent, carefully check whether there are cracks or damage, if there is a need to repair or replace the defective parts of the forklift truck.

4. Dye penetrant test is used to check the cracks. New parts must be replaced if necessary.

Bridge shaft mounting bracket.

5, check the axle mounting bracket damage, if necessary, replace the new accessories. Dust seal ring and O ring. Check for damage and replace new parts if necessary.

6, avoid dust seal deformation during installation. If the dust seal ring is deformed, it needs to be replaced again.

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