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Decomposing Steps For Brake Components Of Komatsu Forklift Accessories
Oct 19, 2018

Following is the decomposition step of the brake components of Komatsu forklift truck accessories. Pay attention to decomposing the brake components of forklift truck before decomposition, except the hydraulic brake sub-pump cylinder of wheel.

Take steps 1 and 2 in the above "demolition".

Disconnect the return spring and the adjusting cable from the adjusting lever, then take out the adjusting rod and the return spring.

The secondary reeds and main reed springs and springs are removed in this order. When removing the spring, be careful not to let the spring pop up.

Remove brake shoe spring and regulator.

Remove the adjusting cable, cable guide and brake shoe guide sheet.

Press the upper spring shoe cup on the upper brake pad and rotate 90 degrees to break away from the brake shoe support spring. Then remove the brake shoe support spring and the brake shoe below to support the spring leather cup.

Remove main and secondary brake shoes, pressure bar and return spring.

Remove the parking brake cable from the main brake shoe parking brake lever.

Remove parking brake lever from main brake shoe.

Remove brake shoe support pin.

Release the expansion nut to disconnect the brake pipe connection and plug the brake tube with the cap to prevent the brake fluid from being exposed. Caution: do not damage the sliding surface of the cylinder or piston. Use brake fluid to clean all the Komatsu Forklift accessories, then remove the oil with compressed air. Do not wash rubber parts with mineral oil to prevent deformation. The broken cylinder piston bowl can not be reused and new ones must be replaced.