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Common Faults And Treatment Of Multi-way Reversing Valve
Sep 06, 2018

First, pressure fluctuations and noise multi-way reversing valve

Reason analysis: 1. The relief valve spring is bent or too soft. 2. The relief valve orifice is blocked. 3. The check valve is not closed. 4. The cone valve and the valve seat are in poor contact.

Elimination method: 1, replace the spring 2, clean, make the channel unblocked 3, repair or replace 4, adjust or replace

Second, the valve stem is not flexible

Reason analysis: 1. The return spring and the limit spring are damaged. 2. The shaft is damaged by the elastic retaining ring. 3. The dust seal is too tight.

Elimination method: 1. Replace the damaged spring 2. Replace the circlip 3. Replace the dust seal

Third, leakage

Reason analysis: 1. Poor contact between the cone valve and the valve seat 2. The double-head screw is not fastened

Elimination method: 1. Adjust or replace 2. Fasten according to regulations