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Analysis On Supply And Demand Of Forklift Parts Market
Dec 05, 2018

(1) Market demand

From the perspective of international market demand, the global forklift sales in 2014 exceeded 1 million units for the first time, accounting for one third of the global Chinese market, and the demand for forklift parts will continue to rise in the next five years.

(2) Market capacity

Forklift parts production capacity in China can be analyzed from three factors: human resources, equipment load capacity and site resources. Low-end market is saturated while high-end products are scarce.

(3) Analysis of new capacity in spare parts industry

1, the whole machine manufacturer

The whole machine manufacturer generally owns all kinds of advanced forklift truck production equipment. The main machine manufacturer makes full use of resources to produce spare parts, or cooperates with supporting spare parts enterprises to develop and enter the spare parts market. The former may increase the development cost of enterprises, and the latter will be the future development trend by controlling the quality of cooperative plants through quality system and guiding the development direction of spare parts according to the changes of market demand.

2. Manufacturers of Construction Machinery and Parts

Industrial vehicle industry is different from other engineering machinery products. Its application field can be said to be related to all walks of life. As long as there is a place for material handling, industrial vehicles will be used. Such demand can be released with the economic growth, and because of the shortage of labor, equipment will replace workers. Industry has enabled the products of industrial vehicles to have a basic demand. In such a trend, the sales of industrial vehicles in the construction machinery industry in recent years have been growing, and many large construction machinery manufacturers have entered the industry of industrial vehicles. In addition, before 2010, the large-scale construction machinery industry has been growing at a relatively fast pace. In recent years, affected by the domestic and foreign economic situation, the accessories manufacturers are also facing unprecedented difficulties. Due to the market downturn, they are gradually moving towards asymmetric production and marketing. Some Enterprises above the scale are facing a small or even unfavorable dilemma. Large construction machinery fittings manufacturers have the ability to develop and manufacture fittings to change products and expand into the forklift fittings industry smoothly. Because of the stricter requirements of large-scale construction machinery in parts such as hydraulic parts, forklift trucks have stronger R&D strength and manufacturing capacity, they may drive the development of forklift truck parts industry.

3. Automobile manufacturers and accessories suppliers

Not a few domestic and international automobile manufacturers produce forklift trucks, especially when domestic automobile brands are not popular and sales are repeatedly hindered, while the localization rate of forklift trucks in the first ten years or so has reached 60%, and the current level of localization has reached 86%. Compared with the automobile industry, forklift trucks are a thriving industry, so Like large construction machinery manufacturers, automobile manufacturers and accessories manufacturers have entered the forklift industry and become new capacity.

4. Other venture capital entering the industry

Venture capital pays attention to the rear market of forklift trucks and successfully enters the industry. Since its birth, venture capital has been promoting the development of high-tech industry, helping small and medium-sized high-tech venture enterprises engaged in high-tech development and new market development, overcoming the financial obstacles of high-tech industrialization, and accelerating the achievements of high-tech. Conversion and promotion of the development of high-tech industries can accelerate the establishment of high-tech industrial clusters. Forklift parts industry provides operation tools and value-added space for venture capital. With the support of venture capital, production capacity increases.

(4) Market Supply and Demand Development Forecast

New capacity increases competition in the industry. Low-end products will be phased out in the future. High-end products will continue to be domesticated, but it needs a process, which is estimated to be a long process.