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What should I avoid when using a gear pump
Sep 06, 2018

The gear pump is suitable for various industries and has a wide range of media. The gear pump has the advantages of firm structure, convenient installation, easy disassembly, simple maintenance, uniform flow rate, slight wear and long service life.

1. During the process of using the gear pump, grease should be added frequently. The grease is more volatile, so it is necessary to pay attention to the replacement, and then keep the bearing clean.

2, in the case of use or use, the electric pump should be placed in a relatively dry, non-corrosive, relatively clean environment;

3. The gear pump should be inspected and repaired frequently during the use. It should be checked to check the electric oil drum inside to check the power cord inside; whether the inner wiring, plug and switch can be used normally; whether the bearing parts are damaged or not Places and so on;

4. Every component on the gear pump should be kept. During the process of dismantling the gear pump, each component should be kept and kept clean.