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The structure and installation method of TOYOTA forklift accessories charger
Oct 19, 2018

Toyota forklift charger is used to turn on and off the low-voltage current, and the ignition coil to open the high-voltage current generated by the distribution of each cylinder spark plug. The distributor is made up of TOYOTA forklift accessories, such as power breaker, distributor, capacitor advance ignition device.

1, the breaker is composed of a pair of contacts and cams. Cam and distributor shaft as a whole, when the cam rotates, the cam angle top open contact, the low-voltage circuit is cut off; cam cam cam angle turned, the contact under the action of the spring closed, low-voltage circuit is connected again, so the cam cam angle should be the same as the number of cylinders in the engine. Turn the crankshaft two times, the distributor cam turns around, and the cylinders ignite once.

2, distributor according to the prescribed ignition order, the distribution of high-voltage electricity to each cylinder ignition. It consists of distributor cover and fire distributor. The distributor head rotates with the distributor shaft, and the high voltage is transmitted to the cover electrode through the distributor head and to the spark plug through the high voltage wire.

3, the function of the capacitor is to weaken the sparks when the contacts of the breaker are separated, and to enhance the secondary voltage.

4. Distributor assembly should be cleaned before assembling TOYOTA distributor. 1) Lubricate the shell bushing, put the distributor shaft together with the centrifugal block assembly and gasket into the shell, and the clearance between the shaft and the bushing is generally 0.02-0.07 mm. Lubricate cam and bottom plate holes, and mounted on the shaft; adjust the distributor longitudinal clearance, the clearance is generally 0.08-0.25 mm. Install the spring ring less than the felt center into the concave end of the distributor shaft end and add several drops of oil. 2) install the breaker and fixed disc assembly, so that the cam can hold the contact arm insulation block. Adjust the gap between the contacts of the power interruption, and the base is usually 0.35-0.45mm. The adjustment method is to rotate the eccentric screw of the contact bracket fixed by the power cutter and make the coaxiality error of the two contacts less than 0.1 mm. 3) Distributor shaft should not have radial clearance, the inspection method is to rotate the cam and shaft, so that the contact is in a closed state, and then stack the cam and shaft in the direction of the breaker arm insulation block, if the contact is opened, that is to say there is radial clearance. 4) install the gear (or coupling) at the end of the electrical shaft, and fix it with pins or screws. Install the capacitor, install the distributor at the shaft end of the distributor, and make the power cutter in the open position, check whether the distributor electrode is aligned with the distributor cover electrode. Install vacuum regulator.