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The reason why the gear pump does not rotate smoothly
Sep 06, 2018

1 Axial clearance or radial clearance is too small. Re-adjust and adjust.

2 There is dirt in the pump. Disintegrate to remove foreign objects.

3 assembly is wrong. The machining reference surface of the two pin holes of the gear pump is not the assembly reference surface. If the pin is driven in first, and then the screw is tightened, the pump will not move. The correct way is to tighten the screw while turning the gear pump, and finally drill the pin hole and drive the pin.

4 The pump has poor coaxiality with the engine coupling. The coaxiality should be within 0.1mm.

5 The parts inside the pump are not demagnetized. All parts must be demagnetized before assembly.

6 The needle roller sleeve is unqualified or the needle is broken. Repair or replace.

7 The working oil outlet is blocked. Remove foreign objects.