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The quality of forklift spare parts determines the number of maintenance of internal combustion forklift trucks
Dec 14, 2018

The oil seal of internal combustion forklift truck can be divided into hydraulic cylinder oil seal of internal combustion forklift truck, multi-way valve oil seal of internal combustion forklift truck, valve oil seal of internal combustion forklift truck, and so on.

1. Prepare the number of oil seals to be replaced before replacing.

2. From oil seal opening to assembly, it must be kept clean.

3. Before assembling into Xiamen Forklift Truck, do a good job of oil seal inspection, measure whether the size of each part of the oil seal is in line with the size of the axle chamber or check whether the number of oil seal parts is matched.

4. Check again whether the lip of the oil seal is damaged or deformed, and whether the springs fall off or rust. The oil seal of Xiamen forklift truck is prevented from flattening during transportation, being affected by extrusion and impact of external forces, and destroying its true roundness.

5. In the installation and operation skills, you can touch it lightly with your hands to feel whether it is smooth and round.

6. Do not tear off the oil seal bag of forklift truck prematurely before installation, so as to prevent sundries from attaching to the oil seal surface and bringing them into the body of the replaced forklift truck parts.

7. Before installation, some hydraulic oil/grease can be applied to lubricate the lip seals of Xiamen Forklift Truck to prevent the dry grinding of the lip when the shaft starts instantaneously, which will affect the interference of the lip. The hydraulic oil/grease should be applied and assembled as soon as possible.

8. If the oil seals of oil seals are not installed immediately, it is suggested to cover them with cloth to prevent foreign bodies from attaching to the oil seals. Hands or tools coated with hydraulic oil/grease for forklift oil seals must be clean.

9. The oil seal of Xiamen Forklift Truck should avoid the sharp edge, straighten the sealing parts and avoid distortion and skew during installation. It is recommended to install hydraulic equipment or sleeve tools. The pressure should not be too great, the speed should be uniform and slow.

10. When installing the transition on the stepped axle, it is necessary to use copper skin to guide the transition or plastic tape to protect the transition, so as not to damage the oil seal of forklift truck.

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