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Structure and assembly method of starting device for TOYOTA forklift accessories
Oct 19, 2018

The starting motor of the Toyota forklift truck is mounted on the right side of the engine, near the end of the flywheel housing. Its function is to drive the engine flywheel to rotate and start the engine. The structure of the starter is mainly composed of the following parts: 1 starting button 2 electromagnetic switch 3 coil 4 core 5 drive rod 6 spring 7 gear 8 sliding sleeve 9 brush 10 armature 11 pole, the main part of the starter is quadrupole DC series excitation motor, used for short time work, each start time should not exceed 5 seconds.

When the engine needs to start, press the start button 1, then Toyota forklift truck battery and coil 3 connected to generate magnetic field, the core 4 to the left, complete two actions: first, through the drive rod 5 to make the sliding sleeve 8 to move right, drive the gear 7 to move to the right, so that the gear 7 and flywheel gear ring engagement; second, the core 4 on the left switch 2. Then the starter drives the engine flywheel to rotate and realizes the engine starting. After starting, loosen the start button 1, the coil 3 is powered off, the core 4 is back to its original position to the right under the spring tension, the switch 2 is disconnected, and the gear 7 is reset, and the mesh with the flywheel is withdrawn.

The assembling methods of the starter are as follows: 1. Lubricate the bushing and gear transmission duct with mechanical oil, set the thrust washer and gear assembly in the transmission end shell, then place the transmission fork in the transmission groove sleeve, and then install the bearing cover. 2. Insert one end of the armature and the keyway into the middle bearing hole, and cover the commutator end shell and tighten the bolt. 3. Installation of brushes, in order to make the brush and commutator close to each other, sandpaper can be used between the brush and commutator grinding brush, brush wire connection, and installation of starting switch. 4. Check and adjust the end gap of the armature in the shell, not more than 0.15mm. Adjust the gear transmission lever so that the clearance between the end face of the gear and the thrust washer is 1.5-2.5 mm when the plunger of the push switch relay is in contact with the contact bolt, and 0.5-1.5 mm when the plunger is propelled completely. 5. The clearance between pinion gear and thrust washer should not be greater than 4-5mm when the main contact of starting switch is contacted.