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Selection skills of forklift accessories
Nov 14, 2018

1. Look at the parts and specifications of forklift accessories.

Most forklift accessories have a specific part number and technical parameters. When purchasing electrical system accessories, attention should be paid to checking whether the voltage and power of the replacement parts are the same; when purchasing the driving belt of forklift engine, attention should be paid to the type and length width.

2, see whether the logo of the outer package is complete.

The quality of the forklift truck accessories is relatively good, and the handwriting on the box is clear and the overprint color is bright. Some important components such as generator, starter, hydraulic pump, etc. are also equipped with operation instructions, certificates and inspector's stamps to guide users to use maintenance methods correctly. Therefore, when purchasing, we should recognize them carefully so as not to buy fake and forklift truck accessories.

3. Look at the shape and size of forklift accessories.

Some forklift accessories are prone to deformation due to manufacturers' manufacturing, logistics, transportation and improper storage. When inspecting, the axle parts can be rolled around the glass plate to see if there is light leakage at the joint between the parts and the glass plate to judge whether they are bent or not; when choosing steel sheets or friction sheets of forklift clutch driven disc, the steel sheets and friction sheets can be selected in front of the eyes to observe whether they are warped or not; when choosing sealing parts such as forklift oil seal, the skeleton of the forklift truck can be used to determine whether they are bent or not. The end face of oil seal should be round and can be fitted with flat glass without warping. The outer edge of oil seal without skeleton should be rectified and deformed by hand grip, so that it can be restored to its original state after loosening hands. When choosing all kinds of liners, we should also pay attention to checking the geometric size and shape of accessories with professional measuring tools.

4, see whether the joint parts of forklift accessories are smooth.

During the handling and storage of forklift truck parts, or because of vibration and turbulence, burrs, indentations, damages or cracks often occur in the joint parts to affect the installation and use of forklift truck parts. This should be checked when purchasing or inspecting goods.

5, see whether there is rust on the surface of forklift accessories.

The surface of qualified fittings has both a certain precision and a bright finish. The more important the fittings are, the higher the accuracy is, and the more strict the packaging is, the more rust-proof and anti-corrosion. When purchasing or inspecting goods, attention should be paid to inspection. If rust spots, mildew spots, cracks in rubber parts, loss of elasticity, or obvious lathe knife lines on the journal surface are found, replacement treatment should be given.

6, see forklift accessories to protect the surface is intact.

Most accessories are coated with protective coating when they leave factory. For example, piston pins and bearing bushes are usually protected by paraffin while piston rings and cylinder liners of forklift trucks are coated with rust-proof oil and wrapped in wrapping paper. The antirust oil such as valves and pistons of forklift engine accessories are sealed with sealed plastic bags. If it is found that the seal sleeve of the sealing bag is damaged, the packing paper is lost, and the rust-proof oil or paraffin is lost, it should be returned or exchanged.

7, see whether there is loosening of adhesive fittings.

When inspecting forklift parts consisting of two or more parts, the parts are formed by pressing, gluing or welding. No loosening is allowed between the parts, such as forklift pump plunger and adjusting arm are combined by pressing; forklift clutch pressure plate and clutch plate are riveted together. Friction plate and steel plate of forklift truck are riveted or bonded; filter core skeleton and filter paper of various filter elements are bonded; circuit and wire head of electrical equipment are welded. If there is any loosening during purchase, it should be exchanged.

8, see whether the rotating parts are flexible.

When choosing turning parts such as oil pump of forklift truck, turning pump shaft by hand should be flexible and without sticking; when choosing needle roller bearing, one hand supports the inner ring of bearing, the other hand rotates the outer ring, and the outer ring should rotate freely and quickly, and then stop gradually. If the rotating parts fail to turn properly, it indicates that the internal rust or the shape has been deformed, which will affect the use, it should be returned or exchanged.