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Gear pump structure features
Sep 06, 2018

(1) The structure is simple and the price is cheap;

(2) Low work requirements and wide application;

(3) The inter-tooth groove of the end cap and gear constitutes a number of fixed sealed working chambers and can only be used as a dosing pump.

The gear adopts the new technology of the international advanced level in the 1990s - double arc sinusoidal profile arc. Compared with the involute gear, the most prominent advantage is that the tooth profile has no relative sliding during the gear meshing process, so the tooth surface has no wear, balance operation, no liquid trapping, low noise, long service life and high efficiency. The pump is free from the constraints of traditional design, making the gear pump enter a new field in design, production and use.

The pump is equipped with a differential pressure safety valve as overload protection. The full return pressure of the safety valve is 1.5 times the rated discharge pressure of the pump. It can also be adjusted according to actual needs within the allowable discharge pressure range. However, this safety valve cannot be used as a pressure reducing valve for a long period of time, and the pressure reducing valve can be installed separately when needed.

The pump shaft end seal is designed in two forms, one is a mechanical seal and the other is a packing seal, which can be determined according to the specific use and user requirements.

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