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Gear pump maintenance steps
Sep 06, 2018

First, disassembly

Prepare adequately before disassembly, familiar with equipment structure, process flow, and operating conditions; be careful when disassembling to avoid damage to equipment components.

Second, review the data

For the matching of the gear pump parts, a comprehensive inspection should be carried out. The standard of some gaps is shown in Table 1-1.

Third, check

Detailed inspection of the removed parts, coloring of the gears, no cracks allowed; the conical section of the journal is qualified, the surface must be free of scratches, and the maximum allowable roughness Ra is 1.6 μm; end caps, brackets The pump body must not have obvious defects.

Fourth, repair or replace

Parts that exceed the standard shall be replaced, and the parts to be repaired shall conform to the standards after repair.

5. Assembly and adjustment

The end face of the gear and the end cover, the axial clearance of the bracket is adjusted by changing the thickness of the end cover and the gasket between the bracket and the pump body; when the end cap bolt is tightened, the force is symmetrically uniform, and the side is tightly moved. When the rotor encounters the rotor, it should loosen the bolt tightly; when adding the packing or installing the oil seal, it is still necessary to press the rotor tightly when pressing the cover, so it is not too tight.

Sixth, test drive

The hydraulic pressure test is 1.5 times of the working pressure, and it is kept for 5 minutes without leakage. During the test run, there is no leakage, the running sound is normal, there is no abnormal vibration, and the outlet pressure meets the requirements.