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Gear pump common fault
Sep 06, 2018

Can't discharge

(1) Fault phenomenon: the pump can not discharge

Gear pump

Gear pump machine picture (3 photos)

The cause of the failure: a, the direction of rotation is reversed; b, the suction or discharge valve is closed; c, the inlet is not material or the pressure is too low; d, the viscosity is too high, the pump can not bite

Countermeasures: a, confirm the direction of rotation; b, confirm whether the valve is closed; c, check the valve and pressure gauge; d, check the viscosity of the liquid, whether the flow rate according to the speed ratio occurs when running at low speed, if there is flow, the flow is insufficient

Insufficient traffic

(2) Fault phenomenon: insufficient pump flow

The cause of the failure: a, the suction or discharge valve is closed; b, the inlet pressure is low; c, the outlet line is blocked; d, the stuffing box leaks; e, the speed is too low

Countermeasures: a, confirm whether the valve is closed; b, check whether the valve is open; c, confirm whether the discharge is normal; d, tightening; when a large number of leaks affect production, stop operation, disassembly inspection; e, check the actual speed of the pump shaft

Abnormal sound

(3) Fault phenomenon: abnormal sound

Fault reason: a, the coupling eccentricity or poor lubrication b, motor failure; c, the reducer is abnormal; d, the shaft seal is not properly installed; e, the shaft is deformed or worn

Countermeasures: a, correct or fill grease; b, check the motor; c, check the bearings and gears; d, check the shaft seal; e, parking disassembly check


(4) Fault phenomenon: current is too large

Gear pump series

The cause of the failure: a, the outlet pressure is too high; b, the melt viscosity is too large; c, the shaft package is poorly fitted; d, the shaft or bearing wear; e, the motor failure

Countermeasures: a, check the downstream equipment and pipeline; b, check the viscosity; c, check the shaft seal, adjust properly; d, check after parking, whether the hand truck is too heavy; e, check the motor

Pump stop

(5) Fault phenomenon: the pump suddenly stops

Fault reason: a, power failure; b, motor overload protection; c, coupling damage; d, outlet pressure is too high, interlocking reaction; e, pump bite abnormal; f, shaft and bearing stuck stuck

Countermeasures: a, check the power supply; b, check the motor; c, open the safety cover, check the car; d, check the instrument interlock system; e, after parking, positive and negative reversing; f, confirmation

Sealing oil leak

(6) Fault phenomenon: sealing oil leakage

Causes: a, the shaft seal is not adjusted well; b, the seal ring wears and the gap is large; c, the mechanical seal moves, the static ring friction surface follows; d, the spring relaxes

Countermeasures: a, readjust; b, tighten the gland bolt or replace the seal ring; c, replace the moving, static ring or re-grind; d, replace the spring