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Forklift accessories knowledge: forklift engine oil selection and use
Oct 31, 2018

The most important thing in the maintenance of the whole forklift truck is the maintenance and nursing of the engine parts of the forklift truck, and the most important way to maintain the engine is of course to let it get the most effective lubrication, the correct selection and use of forklift oil, to improve the use efficiency of the whole forklift truck parts, to extend the service life is very important. Therefore, Leibaoji Forklift Parts Co., Ltd. joins us in explaining the selection and use of engine oil for the maintenance of engine parts of internal combustion forklift trucks.

I. selection of engine oil

1. As engine lubricant, engine oil not only plays the role of lubrication and anti-wear, but also cooling, cleaning, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation and other roles. The quality of lubricating oil has a very important influence on the normal operation of the engine. Good oil, especially synthetic oil, not only protects the engine from wear, but also reduces the number of oil changes and saves the cost of oil. Although the price is twice or more expensive than ordinary oil, the choice of imported and authentic oil is still the best choice for many forklift truck users. If you choose improper or only want to buy low-quality or second-hand ordinary hybrid filter oil products, it will cause poor engine lubrication, and lead to premature wear and tear of engine accessories, reduce engine power, excessive exhaust gas and forklift engine parts to shorten the service life, if serious, it will also cause "cylinder pulling, tiling" And other malignant accidents.

2. The quality grade, such as CD, CF-4 of diesel engine oil, SF of gasoline engine oil, recommendation of engine manufacturer or construction machinery manufacturer, and operation condition of forklift truck, should be improved accordingly.

3. Viscosity grade, such as SAE15/40, 30, 40 and so on, should consider the temperature, load, wear condition of the engine working environment.

Two, attention should be paid to the use of engine oil.

1. The engine oil should be selected according to the requirements specified in the manufacturer's instructions. High-quality oil can replace low-quality oil.

2. Priority should be given to the use of multi-grade oils. Multi-grade oils have outstanding high and low temperature properties, such as 15W/40 oils, which are commonly used in the four seasons south of the Yellow River in China.

3. To keep the crankcase ventilated well, pay attention to the color and odor of the oil in use, or check the performance of the oil regularly. Once the color, color and taste and performance indicators are found to be quite different, oil should be changed in time.

4. The oil should be replaced by heat engine oil discharging method, that is, the forklift truck should be operated first, and then the oil should be discharged while the engine is hot so that the oil sludge and dirt in the engine can be discharged as randomly as possible.

5. Be diligent and add less oil, insufficient oil will accelerate the deterioration of engine oil, and will cause burning loss of other forklift truck parts due to lack of oil; too much oil will not only increase oil consumption, but also too much oil will easily enter the combustion chamber, worsening the combustion of the mixture.

6, check regularly to clean the oil filter, clean up dirty dirt in the oil pan.

7. To avoid mixing different grades of internal combustion engine oil, diesel engine oil can replace gasoline engine oil, but gasoline engine oil can not replace diesel engine oil. 8. When choosing and purchasing, we should try our best to buy the oil from the influential and well-known regular manufacturers. At the same time, we should pay attention to distinguishing the true from the false, and determine the quality of the oil.