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Features and advantages of electric forklift accessories
Oct 23, 2018

Compared with the internal combustion forklift truck, the electric forklift truck is a loading and unloading vehicle powered by direct current power (forklift battery); its shape is mostly streamlined design, more beautiful shape, processing accuracy and automation is significantly improved; in new materials, new technology, mainly reflected in the transistor controller The application of (SCR and MOS tube) greatly improves the service performance. The durability, reliability and suitability of the electric forklift truck can be completely counterbalanced with the internal combustion fork lift truck. The output of electric forklift trucks in Japan has exceeded 1/3 of the total forklift trucks; in some European countries such as Germany and Italy, the proportion of electric forklift trucks has reached about 50%. China's electric forklift trucks still lag behind the world's advanced level, accounting for only 6.14% of the total forklift trucks.

Electric forklift has the characteristics of low noise and no exhaust emissions, and its use and maintenance cost is much lower than that of internal combustion forklift. It can be mainly reflected in the following:

1, less consumption cost. The cost of electricity consumption is lower than that of diesel, gasoline or liquefied petroleum gas. Electric forklift truck parts by its operation control is simple and flexible, electric steering system, acceleration control system, hydraulic control system and braking system are controlled by electrical signals, the driver's operation intensity is much lighter than the internal combustion forklift truck, improve the efficiency and accuracy.

2, low maintenance cost.

A. The maintenance cycle is long. The maintenance cycle of electric forklift truck is 2-3 times longer than that of internal combustion forklift truck. Usually the maintenance cycle of internal combustion forklift truck is up to 500 H. Many electric forklift trucks have reached 1000 H or more.

B. Maintenance and maintenance of electric forklift truck parts are few. Usually, only lubricate some moving parts of joints, such as portal frame bearings, steering axles and other electric forklift truck parts. Others are mainly inspected and cleaned. At most, hydraulic oil, gear oil, hydraulic transmission oil and brake fluid are replaced every 2000 hours or 3000 hours. The material consumed is very limited. In addition to lubrication, diesel forklift trucks are required to replace the engine oil and oil filters every 500 hours (usually around 300 hours), as well as the transmission belt (engine timing belt, generator transmission belt, etc.).

C, maintenance time is short. The maintenance interval of electric forklift truck is much longer than that of internal combustion forklift truck, and the maintenance time is much less than that of internal combustion forklift truck, which greatly saves labor and cost, shortens the shutdown time of forklift truck, and thus improves the work efficiency and economic benefits of forklift truck. The battery life of electric forklift accessories is 1500 charging and discharging cycles, converted into the working hours of forklift truck about 10000 hours, which is equivalent to the overhaul time of an internal combustion forklift engine, but the replacement of the battery is much faster than the overhaul speed of the engine (or the replacement speed of the engine). It can be seen that although the cost of purchasing electric forklift trucks is 30% higher than that of diesel forklift trucks with the same load capacity, the total cost of using electric forklift trucks is much lower than that of diesel forklift trucks.

3. The environmental protection function is prominent. Because of the more indoor operation of forklift trucks, the requirement of forklift exhaust emission is getting higher and higher. For example, Europe and America have already strictly stipulated that forklift trucks with internal combustion are prohibited indoors. Even though the laws and regulations of our country have not begun to strictly restrict the use of internal combustion forklift trucks in the indoor, the environmental advantages of electric forklift trucks with low noise and no exhaust emissions have been recognized.

4, expand the scope of use. With the rapid development of electronic control technology, the operation of electric forklift parts is becoming more and more comfortable, and the scope of application is becoming wider and wider. For example, electric pallet truck, electric stacker truck, forward forklift truck, narrow-channel forklift truck and so on, these are not possible for diesel forklift truck. Especially in warehousing and logistics system solutions have played a very important role.