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Current Situation of Forklift Parts Industry
Dec 05, 2018

(1) Large number and small scale of spare parts enterprises

With the increase of production and sales of forklift trucks, there are nearly 20,000 forklift parts enterprises in China. The sum of the first two forklift parts accounts for about 48% of the market share, while the sum of the top five forklift parts accounts for less than 10% of the market share.

(2) There are many kinds of accessories, but the degree of standardization, serialization and generalization is low.

There are historical reasons for the low degree of standardization, serialization and generalization of spare parts products. Forklift industry has a history of several decades, and the establishment of standardization is also in recent years. With the expansion of the industry in recent decades, there are more than 100 forklift trucks and more than 60 main production enterprises. Each manufacturer of forklift trucks protects itself. Their intellectual property rights and patents lead to the low degree of standardization, serialization and generalization of spare parts products.

(3) Lack of professional fittings practitioners

Not only forklift industry, but almost all industrial industries, there are not many real professional forklift parts practitioners, and forklift parts are very professional, so professional forklift parts practitioners who can understand various brands are almost rare.

(4) The quality of spare parts is poor and the price is high.

The spare parts produced by Sanwu enterprises are flooded with the market, lacking of effective information channels, it is not clear which are original parts and genuine parts, which are by-products, counterfeit parts and fake and inferior parts.

Because the market is not transparent, the accessories factory increases the price to the first-class wholesaler on the basis of the factory price, while the parts distributor in the middle link increases the price to the next-class distributor for profit, and the accessories in the customer's hands have gone through many discounts, so the price has doubled several times than the factory price, while the falsely high parts are comparable. So the hidden price increase, long-standing high-price accessories will have a negative impact on the development of the industry.

(5) The standardization of after-sales service market is not high

The large-scale development of forklift truck market in China is only recently emerging. Chain services in the after-sales service market have not been widely established. Most of the services are mainly completed by distributors. Most of the suppliers in the after-sales market are small regional companies. These distributors generally do not have standardized after-sales service, plus The source of spare parts can not be verified, so it is difficult to really standardize the after-sales service market.

(6) The original parts can not find customers, and the consumers can not find the original parts.

In the case of extremely asymmetric information, the whole machine manufacturer does not lack the original parts, but through which ways can these original parts better serve customers? On the other hand, often in QQ group or micro-letters, customers take a picture to find accessories, sometimes for a small accessories, but also invigorate the public.